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Neglected by its owners, it's grown to hate humanity.

At night, it prowls the industrial district, looking for prey.

Will you be the one to end its metallic reign?

A jam entry for HPS1 Wretched Weekend #1 as a different take on walking sims.

Updated recently with two extra, popularly requested endings. Can you get all four endings?

NOTE: The itch app sometimes has trouble and will throw an error about unsupported compression, if this happens, download the game from a browser.


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RR Update 2 59 MB

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It was fun hahaha

This struck a different type of fear into me lmao! Being chased by a car is fun and absolutely terrifying.

Gameplay at 2:12

Had a lot more fun with this game this time around.  I posted a video previously but it wasn't to great.  Hope this is better.  Check it out :D

  POV: You wanted to go to the grocery store to buy food for your dying mother, but I decided to take my driver's test today.


My playthrough starts at 13:43

i realized that it has multiple endings after playing it

haha very funny, congrtatulations


Pour les Francophones !

Have YOU ever been hunted by a car?? 

"revenge" implies i did something to be brutally splattered all over the front of this car, any plans for a prequel?

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Standby about that...

Well, I watched someone play this game. I thought "that looks pretty easy," Oh boy was I wrong. 

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Shit, I actually liked it! The music and PS1 aesthetics were awesome. And the concept was also quite original! Are you gonna update the game? Cause if you will, I suggest adding some different animations to the endings and some more plot! 

Something similar to an update may or may not be planned.

Run. This is exactly how I would describe this game, there is no break, there is no rest, just run. Great game to play but also rage inducing. Had a heap of fun with this!

It took me a while to understand how to properly play but after I got it the game was really good.

no more update?

No updates on this but you might want to follow our twitter, juust in case.


I haven't played, but it's definitely a good game

https://youtu.be/q7IgB2gGoW4 <- Check out my video here!

The game was hit by a car

Made a video about this game :

Enjoyed the game!


I cant download the game ! , even trying at the browser and at the app say something about "unsupported compression"


So, the endings are:

-The car killing you

-Escaping the car

-Killing the car but dying in the process

-Killing the car but living.

That's it, right? Or is there another ending I missed?


Really enjoyed this little game jam, good work guys!

Awesome game, loved playing it!

its like... alive and stuff..

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This was a fun little game honestly well done! had a blast trying to maneuver and think

Good game and all, but where is the 32-bit version? :(

Played this in my recent video at 8:08

Got all 3 endings and was having alot of fun dodging the Honda



I just about shit my pants when I clicked the start button to this game.  It had me laughing hysterically as I played through and made for a really great time waster.

Thank you so much for showing us your creation Developer. 

Skip to 17:31 for my full play.


The game is tough. I tried many times to escape the car and at last I finished it. It was fun!

I'm currently making a series where I play every game submitted to the Wretched Weekend Jam, and your game was the first one! 

I love the style of the game, the car actually felt like a threat because the player is a little slow and dashes in bursts instead of the just sprinting around! Also I adored the music in this game! Excellent work!

Here's my video for those interested:

**possible spoiler**

Is the gas pumps the ending?

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I'm happy to hear you like the game, it was fun to watch you play(though you misspelled the game's name, idk if accidentally)!

There are three endings beside outright death, you did get one of them at least from what I watched.

Haha oh my god, I did! Sorry about that! Definitely wasn't on purpose! 

3 endings! Whoa! It was a bit too intense for me to find more than that one, great job making that many in 48 hours! 

Hola, ¡Muy Buen Juego!, aunque no tenga ni idea de lo que tengo que hice o tuve que hacer pero muy buen juego hizo, señor creador, siga así, lo recomiendo :)

YouTuber: PatrickGame


This is really cool. Mark and Jack should play this on their channels to raise awareness of this game!


I mean we'd be more than down to see that happen and would be grateful if you suggested it to them!

(2 edits) (+1)

I think that they get thousands of suggestions every day, but I can sure try!

Edit: Looks like Jacksepticeye beat me to it 10 hours ago! That's one!

Edit: This is awkward, but the last edit was actually meant for another game. :( Sorry for the confusion, pal. It could still happen, though. I'll go suggest it now.

this game was really cool. Had me tense the entire time! 


Hello, I'm having an issue with trying to install the game, and unsupported compression algorythm on the zip, apparently. A friend tried and reported the same issue. This is with RR update 2.

A lot of people have reported this issue with the itch app, sadly I can't do much about it, try and download through web to fix it.

Will do, thank you.

I really liked the concept of the game! I think it's very original and also very challenging; I personally love a good challenge! The running made it even more stressful especially when you're aware of the fact that a murderous 3000 lbs steel demon is heading right for your ass with high speed and determination. Very well done! I'm looking forward to seeing more!

Is the game finished and needs no more updates?

We may or may not be in the process of something big

This Game Was Definitely FUN and Unique Indeed! Great Job! OKSoft : ) 


Gameplay will be available Today at 8:00 EST 


Car must have been owned by Whistling Diesel. Karma.

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